Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Species

As a political science student, I find that with each passing day, my view of humanity becomes more and more diminished. I know what you're thinking: "here's another conspiracy theorist Hobbesian malcontent fuck". This isn't true however.

While it is true that Hobbes and I share the same idea that humanity is destined to completely
destroy itself, I do not believe that it is completely hopeless...

so long as humanity learns to grow up. Everywhere I look, all anyone is concerned with is their own self-gratification with a blatant disregard for the opinions or welfare of those around them. If another person serves no purpose to the satisfaction of one of the tiers on Malsow's hierarchy of needs (i.e a friend, a parent, a love interest, a police officer etc) they just don't care. This is especially true in the areas of social justice and the consumerism on which our frail society so avidly clings to for dear life.

It seems that all people want to do is gather as many material possesions as possible and fuck one another. Anything that deviates from these two "all imortant" principles is quickly dismissed as being unimportant, invaluable, and purely unattainable ideology. Tell me HOW does this count as progress? I find that the academics that we so pride oursleves on as a species are a rare breed: they are capable of independant thought and critical analysis.

I mean, who would have thought that actually investigating the negative effects that one's behaviour has on others and their environment would actually lead to advancement?

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