Monday, October 25, 2010

Just another member of Gen Y.

As I write this in the early minutes of October 26th, 2010, I'm inclined to think about all the organization (or lack of it) that everbody seems to have in their lives.

I mean, it seems that everybody has an e-calendar or smartphone to help them micromanage every single aspect of their lives to the point where we tell the entire world what we ate for breakfast via facebook or twitter.

Has humanity de-humanized itself, or am I just abit too cynical?

While it may be true that my condition does incline me toward the latter, I still believe that humanity is losing touch with the very aspects that used to define us as a species.

For one, whatever happened to the ideal of comraderie and community building? It seems that nowadays people only want to discover new ways that distinguish themselves from everyone else, be it through symbols of status or "expressions of uniqueness" that have been done a million times before. I'm sorry, but dying your hair and wearing clothes that are right out of 1974 has been done before by literally millions of people. You're nothing special.

It seems that the general rule of thumb is : the smarter the phone, the dumber the person. Since when did GPS become the selling feature of a vehicle?

Hows the milage?
"I don't know, but it has a fucking plasmascreen TV in it, so who gives a fuck?!"

c'mon people, we are capable of so much more than you think.

Just because we see an unpleasant story on the news doesn't mean we should shy away from doing something about it. Why is it that we only hear about the number of "friendly" soldiers who die in the middle east, and not the number of innocent bystanders killed as a result of our presence there? Because it's unpleasant. Generation Y just doesn't like unpleasant.

It's contradictory to their idealistic, prepackaged, iDreams provided to them by the company with the most vibrant ads.

This being said; I am a member of the generation I am ranting about. I guess I'm just sad that we, the generation with the most potential will probably sit idly by as the world destroys itself. And we'll be able to capture every second of that destruction on our shiny, HD televisions and laptop computers.

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