Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never Ending

Those of us who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder don't have any discrimination laid against us because we have an invisible disease. We never tell anyone about our situation because "Normal" people just won't understand that in fact, smiling doesn't always cure everything, that to us, the sun may not come out tomorrow, because there's always that possibility that you'll lose control, that it'll get the better of you and force you to end your life simply on the basis that it becomes the most viable option of irradicating this illness once and for all.

The very fact that get out of bed every morning is a victory. Some of us won't tomorrow.

That being said, just because I have depression doesn't mean I'll commit suicide. It just means that I'm not afraid of it. I do not fear my own death, after all it is the inevitable destination for every living thing on our planet.

Like I said, it doesn't seem that I have any discrimination laid against me...because already hate myself too much to care what you think about me or notice what you say against me.

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